CRITERIA FOR THE AWARD: Nominees may be either a General or an Associate Member. You may nominate more than one member, as well as nominate yourself. Officers from CFMA or ICCIFP are ineligible for the award until three (3) years have elapsed from their terms of service. Previous winners of the Debra Hahn Memorial Award are ineligible to win the award again. The criteria for consideration include, but are not limited to, the following:
•   Enthusiasm in the promotion of CFMA
•   Contribution at the chapter level (including participation in CFMA functions and committees)
•   Involvement at the CFMA organization-wide level (including participation in CFMA functions and committees)
•   Activities that support CFMA’s Mission and Strategic Goals
•   Consideration for, and service to, fellow CFMA members
•   Significant years of contributions to CFMA

Deadline for nomination: March 30, 2018

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CFMA’s mission is to be essential to the success and growth of construction financial professionals.

CFMA’s Strategic Goals
Members will regard CFMA as the essential construction financial resource, and CFMs will be viewed as leaders in the construction financial industry and an indispensable part of their companies’ leadership teams.

CFMA chapters will be vibrant, growing, and viewed by stakeholders as the best local educational and networking resource for construction financial professionals.

Companies will recognize the significant value of CFMA education and engagement as an essential investment in their success.

CFMA will be the recognized authority in advancing sound financial and accounting practices in the construction industry and the leading resource for education and financial information.